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On-Demand Primary Care: Quality Healthcare When You Need It

Dear Medallus Patrons,


Over the years the primary care model in the US has shifted from one-on-one care with your primary care doctor to the “medical home” model with services being delivered by large “population health management” systems and their teams and technologies.


For the past 24 years, Medallus remains privately-owned and continues to provide the best traditional one-on-one primary care and urgent care with friendly customer service.


Because patients are having increasingly difficulty getting their medication refills or reaching their primary care doctors, Medallus is now offering on-demand primary care. You now don’t have to make an appointment for primary care needs. You and your family can just simply walk in for medication refills, new onset primary care problems, chronic care managements, and annual checkups. You don’t need to call and make an appointment any more – just simply walk into the nearest Medallus clinic.


If you have high deductible insurance, then we have transparent pricing of $169 flat fee per visits or a membership program for $60/month and $10/visit. If you don’t want to use your insurance, then these 2 are the best options. We will not bill your insurance, and therefore you will not have a deductible balance.  If you want to use your insurance, then you can also do so. We accept most major health insurances. Thank you for your trust in allowing Medallus to take care of you and your families.




Rachot Vacharothone, M.D.

CEO & Chief Medical Director

No Waiting, No Hassles - Get Immediate Care for Routine Check-Ups, Prescription Refills, and More

  1. Immediate Access to Care

    • Avoid long waits and scheduling issues with your regular primary care provider.

    • Walk in for routine check-ups, prescription refills, and simple health issues.

  2. Comprehensive Services

    • Our clinics provide a range of services, including diagnosing high blood pressure, treating common illnesses, and managing chronic conditions.

  3. Affordable and Transparent Pricing

    • We accept insurance, cash or join our membership!

  4. Convenient Locations

    • Visit any of our 8 clinic locations across Utah for quick and reliable care.

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