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For Individuals & Families
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A simple solution that reduces the out-of-pocket costs and premiums to restore heath and well being for you, your family and your employees (as employee health benefit).

Employee Health Benefit for Companies
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What Is It

Medallus Medical Membership is a simple clinic membership program that provides discounted medical services at $10/visit in exchange for a monthly membership fee. Medallus offers 2 plans: one for individuals & families and the other for business owners and their employees.


This is not a health insurance plan.

Medallus Membership

For Individuals & Families only

Access to 8 Medallus Clinics in Utah

$50 / month (1 member)

$75 / month (party of 2)

$100 / month (family of 3)

$120 / month / (family of 4 to 6)

*$25 additional per person (family of 7 to 12)

  • $20 registration fee 

  • 12-month contract

Call 801-260-1919 option 2 for more info
MedallusCare Membership

For Companies & Employees only

Access to Multiple Affiliate Clinics

$45 / month per employee

  • $10/visit, with in-clinic procedures 

  • 24/7 Telemedicine 

  • Full access to 8 Medallus clinics

  • Can visit other clinics in Utah

  • Call to set up corporate account

  • No grace period for corp account

Call Arliss at 801-810-7058 for more info
Solution for High Deductible

Medallus Medical Membership

is designed to reduce your healthcare costs when used alone OR along side an ACA qualified high deductible health plan.

When used alone, it does not meet the ACA compliance.


How to Be in Compliance with the ACA

You need to purchase a qualified health insurance plan to be in compliant.  This membership program simply can help you reduce your out-of-pocket costs and insurance premiums if used along side your health insurance plan. See below for explanation.   

Add Medallus Medical Membership
Alongside Your Health Insurance Plan

To Reduces Your Out-of-Pocket Costs

Set insurance aside for major medical needs.

Use Membership for urgent & primary care needs to stay healthy and out of ERs and hospitals.

Modify Your Health Insurance Plan and
Add Medallus Medical Membership

To Reduce Your Insurance Premiums

Set insurance aside for major medical needs.

Use Membership for urgent & primary care needs to stay healthy and out of ERs and hospitals.


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