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Thank you for your interest in the Medallus Membership!

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What Is It

Medallus Medical Membership is a simple clinic membership program that provides discounted medical services at $10/visit in exchange for a monthly membership fee. Medallus offers 2 plans: one for individuals & families and the other for business owners and their employees.


This is not a health insurance plan.

Medallus Membership

For Individuals & Families only

Access to 8 Medallus Clinics in Utah

$50 / month (1 member)

$75 / month (party of 2)

$100 / month (family of 3)

$120 / month / (family of 4 to 6)

*$25 additional per person (family of 7 to 12)

  • $20 registration fee 

  • 12-month agreement

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